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|| Glow On! ||

May 29, 2012

Have you wondered why you can’t manage to get that smooth radiant look after trying TONS of primers and foundations? Did it ever cross your mind that maybe it’s not the “type” of foundation you are using but what you are doing underneath your face makeup?  I had this issue for a while until our Beauty Editor Tim Liu introduced me to a variety of different skin care products to apply underneath my makeup and use daily.  Knowing great SPF’s, creams, and cleansers are just as crucial as picking the right heels to complete your outfit…knowledge is power ladies…knowledge is power.  So “Glow On” and try these high performance products and you will be on your way to healthy vibrant skin.

By: Tim Liu

1. Hourglass – No 28 Primer Serum:  Caution: oily skin stay away! This is for those who have dry to combination skin. With its 14 essential oils and 10 plant oils, it gives you the perfect dewy finish after you apply foundation over it. It’s a look that gives your skin the effortless healthy glow!

2. Clinique – Turn Around Serum:  Your all in one serum. This is advertised as a serum to give the skin a brighter look, but it does so much more than that! It contains salicylic acid and lactic acid to not only exfoliates the skin am/pm but also effectively treats and prevents acne! This is a definite must have!

3. DiorSnow SPF 50: Yes, you be nice and tanned, but do it with your makeup! Let your skin stay out of the sun to prevent premature aging. Using an SPF 15 is probably not enough for your daily sun exposure. I recommend the DiorSnow SPF 50 for your daily protection, it’s a sunscreen with antioxidant benefits, makes a perfect daytime moisturizer as well.

4. Exuviance – Perfomance Peel AP25: Stay away from the granulated scrubs, they aren’t the best for your skin, instead try this peel once every 4 days to remove dead skin and take away unevenness in skin texture and color. This triple threat of Glycolic acid, Mandelic acid and Gluconolactone works wonders! AMAZING for fine lines and acne scars!

5. Shiseido – White Lucent Cleanser: This is a great daily cleanser, it not only removes all your impurities but also has a brightening effect to give the skin a brighter and lighter look along with its natural luminosity.


|| Denim Daze ||

May 22, 2012

As we have seen on the runways as well as street fashion, denim has become a popular must-have piece of the season.  Aside from colorful denim jeans – denim vests, jackets, skirts, rompers, and even dresses are allowing you to create an effortlessly blue hue mixture.  These essential elements are great versatile pieces that can be worn in a number of different ways.  Whether you are edgy and want to give your denim a rocker look or pair your denim with something feminine and flowy such as a maxi dress or skirt, denim grants you a bit of ease when putting together your daytime ensemble.  Fabrics such as linens and silks are even jumping on the bandwagon by altering their original appearance and converting to a denim like design.

|| 1. Denim Soft Bralet – $48.00 – || 2. Blue Palm Print Dress – Dorothy Perkins – $59.00 – || 3. All in One Denim Romper – AG Adriano Goldschmeid – $198.00 – || 4. Marissa Linen and Denim Striped Shirt – CP Shades – $175.00 – || 5. Linen and Silk Short – 3.1 Phillip Lim – $425.00 – || 6. Wide Leg Denim Trouser – $310.00 – Vince –

|| Makeup Picks for Mom ||

May 10, 2012

Stumped on what to get mom for Mothers Day and need some last minute suggestions?  Haute Obsessions Beauty Editor Tim Liu selected a few quick picks he knew moms would love!

By: Tim Liu

1. Clinique – Chubby Sticks: This is the best lip product for those moms on the go! It’s a moisturizing lip balm with a moderate amount of color; currently available in 8 shades from raisin to neutral to peach and a few pinks, my personal favorite is the Mega Melon, a perfect coral for spring!

2. Trish McEvoy – Planner:  This is the perfect gift for mother’s day! This gift will be something that you can keep adding to, think of it as a makeup charm bracelet. Once you purchase the planner, you can purchase refills of powders, blushes, eye shadows lips palettes and brushes they’ll all stay put in the magnetic planner so Mom can have her makeup with her in a convenient planner everywhere she goes!  You may just want to grab one for yourself as well!

3. Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation: Give your mom the good stuff! The Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani gives the skin a natural glow, the coverage is sheer to moderate so she won’t look too made up and still feel natural and glowing. It has won numerous foundation awards including InStyle Best Beauty Buys.

4. Smashbox – Limitless Waterproof Liquid Liner Pen:  An easy to use, yet long lasting liner pen that would be perfect for moms. It’s easy to apply, like a pen, so you can hold it flat and glide it along the base of lashes to give a perfectly clean liner look, or you can also use a smudging bullet brush (Napoleon Perdis brush 7r) to smudge the liner immediately after application for a softer look.

5. Tarte – MultiplEYE Mascara – waterproof:  The MultiplEYE Mascara by Tarte not only will help your lashes grow as you use the product daily, but it’s also an amazing-wear mascara! It gives great volume to the lashes without clumps or fibers which may flake after a few hours wear. It stays water proof all day without a bit of smudging. A quick tip on applying mascara. If you hold the base of your lashes with the lashes touching your finger and brush the mascara wand against your finger, you’ll get a full coat of mascara with no smudging on the eyelid or having to apply mascara 2-3 times to get the effect you want.  Mom would appreciate a low maintenance yet volumizing mascara.

|| Date Night ||

May 4, 2012

After a few days of wind and rain, warm nights are right around the corner which means more time running around town with your man.  Haute Obsessions Beauty Editor Tim Liu found a few effortless products to help you get out the door faster without spending countless hours in front of the mirror.

By: Tim Liu

1. Clinique BB Cream: Sometimes less is more. On your date night, You don’t want to hide your beautiful face under a thick layer of foundation, make it natural and pretty with BB Cream, it blends with your skin using a combination of pigment and optical diffusers to make your skin look more smooth and radiant in just one step. It’ll hydrate your skin as well as giving you a good amount of SPF for the day.

 2. Dior Skin Nude Tan – Bronzing Powder & Glow Powder: Summer is quickly approaching; make sure you don’t show up to your date looking pale and colorless! Give yourself a beautiful tan with Diorskin Nude Tan Bronzer, it’s a matte finish so you want to apply it under your cheek bones blending it along the hairline and along the jaw line, then follow with the Glow powder, which also has a bronze tint to it but with a bit of a gleam to it. You can apply this directly onto the cheekbones, nose and chin to contour your face.  These two products together is definitely a power couple!

3. Nars Semi Matte Lipstick – Heat Wave: Intimidate your man with a bright orange red lipstick! This modern semi-matte lipstick gives you full color in a beautiful velvety texture.  This is not only a beautiful color, but also THE color for the season!

4. Smashbox Gel Eyeliner: Doesn’t matter what shadow you wear or none at all, you’ll always need eyeliner; it’s a very vital part of your makeup, especially on your date night! If you’re going for a natural look, using a bullet brush smudge gel liner directly onto your lash on (touching your lashes), then do the same with the bottom lash but only about ¼ in from the outer corners of the eyes.

5. YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils – Shocking: Make sure you flutter those lashes with YSL Mascara – Shocking. This mascara wand has a twist cut to it, so all the bristles go different directions to reach every part of your eye lashes from every angle! It’s not only great mascara but a beautiful product on the outside as well!

|| Spring Essentials ||

May 3, 2012

1. Pretty Pebbles Cuff Bracelet – LYLIF – $12.00: Chunky accessories were all over the runways this spring.  Forget about the delicate simple pieces because it’s all about making a statement. Pair these bangles with your favorite 3/4 sleeve blazer or fun flowy maxi dress.

2. Havana Floral Print Dress – Marc by Marc Jacobs – $885.00 – The floral trend is in full bloom this season.  Pants, tops, dresses, and even shoes are getting their floral fixation.  From roses to tropical hawaiian prints, designers make this trend fit for anyones floral preference.

3. Weave Metal Bar Clutch – ASOS – $43.63: Complete your springtime look with bright white accents.  With multiple outfit pairings, this great woven clutch can be worn dressed up or down.  Wear it to tone down all of your vibrant patterns or throw it into a pastel mixture.

4. Mint Textured Peplum Skirt – TopShop – $68.00: Not only is the peplum skirt perfect for just about any body type but the mint hue is one of the popular color trends this spring. I am not one to wear multiple trends at once but this one is definitely an exception.  If you don’t wear a ton of skirts, the peplum comes in different forms such as tops, dresses and even jackets (see previous post on how the peplum fits here) As for the color, this minty subtle hue looks great with neutral tones or even other pastels.

5. Poppy-Razzi Collection – Essie Nail Polish – $8.00: If you do not go bold for your wardrobe you must go bold for your nail lacquer.  Essie’s Poppy-Razzi Collection has the perfect color combination to incorporate into your spring look.  These vibrant hues are just what this season is all about, if you want an attention grabber but scared to try those printed pants you see in the store window, go for the bold orange or pink nail polish (Essie polish names from left to right Camera, Bazooka, Lights, Action).

6. Suede Point Court Shoes – Santo – Asos – $79.99: Pointy pumps are breaking through this season shoe must-have.  From metal toes to eye-catching patterns to suede fabrications, this heel has versatility that goes a long way in your wardrobe and is a great transition piece for summer.  The more subtle the color, the more you can wear it all year long (think black and neutrals).

7. Lace Shell Top – Oasis – $65.00: This romantic textile is departing from it’s lingerie image and mingling into ready-to-wear-wardrobe. Lace is the one item that every girl must own.  Whether you are edgy or sophisticated, lace always brings a sense of femininity to your outfit, and who doesn’t want that?

|| Naked Truth || Bronze Makeup 2012 ||

April 20, 2012

Ever want that sun-kissed glow but are too scared to jump in the tanning bed or get hosed down by a spray tan machine? Yea, me too 😉 Beauty Editor Tim Liu uncovered the simple tips and tricks on how to achieve that bronze beauty look without turning into the leather lady.

By: Tim Liu

1. MAC  Blush – Harmony & Smashbox Brush #2

No matter how nude you go, you’ll always need something on your cheek so you don’t look “dead” in photos.  Harmony is the perfect color when you want to go nude. It’s a rosy brown shade and can be used as a contour or blush. Take a small powder brush (Smashbox #2) and sweep right below your cheek bones touching the cheeks with the side of the brush to give a hint of color as well, now you have your blush and contour for the nude look! You can also add bronzer on your cheeks for more drama on the cheeks

2. MAC Lipstick – Crème De Nude

This is the perfect “Not trying to hard” look. You may play up your eyes or go all nude! Pair this lipstick with your favorite lip gloss for a glossy look, or lightly sweep your powder with a brush over your lips to create a matte nude look.

3. Clinique Superfine Liner For the Brows

Especially when you are wearing nude makeup, you must have your brows on point! With the superfiner liner you can use little strokes to fill your brows in, then use a brow brush (those that look like mascara wands) to soft the lines to create a natural yet full brow look.

4. Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust – Starlight

To get a more dramatic look yet stay nude, grab a tight shadow brush and lightly pat Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust – Starlight on the mobile lid to add glamour to the eyes! Also you can use this color at the pout of your lips to add more definition to the lips.

If a natural yet sexy look is what you’re looking for then this is the perfect palette for you! Use the medium shade colors on your eye lid,  then sweep a darker shade onto your crease with a soft crease brush (MAC 217), finish with sweeping the brow bone while blending into your crease color using the lightest shades, you can do this with a slanted fluffy brush (Napoleon Perdis 16R), of course finish with liner and masacra!

|| Electric Expressions ||

April 19, 2012

If you really want to stand out in a crowd, neon hues are the way to go!  Intensify your look by throwing on a neon heel or bag to add that hint of color to your neutral daytime outfit. This trend commands attention everywhere you go.  Whether it be a vibrant leather jacket or a brightly hued pant, you are bound to stand out.  Keep in mind this trend may overpower you if you go overboard so try and keep that neon pop to a minimum.  Less is more and one item of this brightly bold trend goes a long way.

Styling Suggestions:

Pair with neutral hues, blue denim, or black pieces.

|| Photo: Topshop Moto Hotpants Lookbook|| 1. MOTO Neon Denim Biker Jacket – $116.00 –  || 2. MOTO Neon Pink Cut off Hotpants – $40.00 – || 3. Neon Orange Sunglasses – Matthew Williamson – $410.00 – || 4. Rosie Woven Bucket Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs – $430.00 – || 5. Neon T-Strap Sandal – Manolo Blahnik – $1,210 – || 6. Neon Simple Wrap Watch – La Mer Collections – $88.00 – ||

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