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|| Spring 2013 Trends ||

January 4, 2013

When looking to the future of Spring 2013, some of you may have already noticed there are a few trends from 2012 that are still standing their ground. Leather, lace, sexy suiting and color blocking are here to stay! But which new trends are starting to peek their way through and claim their trend territory? Stripes, cropped tops, caged garments, sheer fabrics and ruffles!! Yes, I said it! Ruffles! but not to fear, these aren’t the heinous body cringing kind you can only image on some 80’s bridesmaids dress but the one’s designed by Gucci, Givenchy, and Chloe – and those are definitely not ones to run from. Although we are not going to talk about the other trends in this post does not mean we wont obsess over them on another day…Diane von Furstenburg and Jason Wu we are coming for you! 😉


(3.1 Phillip Lim, Balenciaga, Derek Lam, Balmain)

1. Bare Mid-Drifts

There was a bit more skin on the runway this season than usual. Cropped tops and exposed mid-drifts were definitely eye catching and daring. There are variety of ways to get out there and show some skin- either go in the direction of minimal coverage like Balenciaga and 3.1 Pillip Lim showcasing your fabulous bralette and baring it all or if you are not feeling as brave then follow in the footsteps of Derek Lam and Balmain for a more concealed approach.


(Bagdley Mischka, Dior, Anne Valerie Hash, Carolina Herrera)

2. Sheer Coverage

Although there was a ton of leather this year, there was still room for the soft feminine garments.  See-through fabrics were a big hit! Whether it be a long dress by Bagdley Mischka or a fun short printed mini by Dior, this season provided you with endless options to include a feminine touch to your outfit.  If you are wearing structured pieces – like suiting, a sheer top by Anne Valerie Hash or Carolina Herrera can be used to soften up your ensamble.


(Marc Jacobs, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti)

3. Stripe Me Down

Stripes, either you love them or you hate them. The good thing about this season is that everyone will want to try and embrace this trend. There are too many variations of stripes for one not to include in their wardrobe essentials. If you are a curvier girl you will want to go in the direction of the vertical, thinner stripes to elongate your body like the one by Alberta Ferretti. For the girls who want to add a little more shape to their bodies, you will want to focus on the horizontal stripes such as the ones by Marc Jacobs and Dior. This will accentuate your curves and make you appear a little wider in those certain areas 😉


(Thakoon, Herve Leger, Gucci, Alexander McQueen)

4. Caged Combo’s

Aside from the sweet feminine garments, caged inspired pieces were showcased to dominate. Whether it be with something flowy like the jumper by Thakoon or something strong, bold, and structured like the piece by Alexander Mcqueen. Herve Leger decided to add the lazer cut topper to one of his fitted bandage dresses while Gucci had more of a delicate vision for their caged combo and paired it with softer materials.


(Givenchy, Acne, Chloe, Gucci)

5. Fru-Fru Fabulous!

Ok, on to the trend we thought we would be scared of. We see them on many different silhouettes from a long tube dress by Gucci to the soft accents by Givenchy.  Acne created a fun bell sleeve with ruffles for their suit jacket while Chloe kept it sweet and girly draping it across their one sleeve garment. Don’t go too overboard with this trend. Too much ruffle may add weight in unwanted areas, keep it simple and keep it classy.

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