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July 19, 2012

By: Tim Liu

To celebrate Napoleon Perdis’ Launch at select Nordstrom stores, I want to share my top 5 favorite products. Napoleon Perdis is a brand and a person that is very close to my heart, I started out in the industry with his guidance and if it weren’t for Napoleon Perdis, a beautiful line of cosmetics, I wouldn’t be able to do the beautiful work I do today.

1. Pre-Foundation Primer  – “Not to Primer is a Crime” – NAPOLEON $42: I absolutely adore this primer; I personally use this product every day. It has a silicone free texture, which means it will not feel slick and greasy on your skin, great for those who have oily skin, but it has a great amount of Vitamin E to hydrate those who might need a little extra hydration. Chamomile and Yarrow extract calm the skin from any redness and reactivates any moisturizers used before the primer. With this primer, you’ll discover hydrated, radiant and smooth foundation finish that lasts all day!

2. Bronze Patrol & 3. Blush Patrol $50: These Paraben-free blush and bronzer create the perfect sculpted cheeks when used together. Rich in pigment yet easy to blend creates the perfect color combination along with the perfect natural glow. Using the tip of a tapered blush brush, sweep the Bronze patrol at the hallows of your cheeks blending towards to temples to create an “L” shaped contour, then using the flat side of your brush gently sweep the Blush patrol downwards towards the contour starting from the apples of the cheeks working the color up to the temples. Using what is left on your brush, sweep forehead, chin and nose for a sun-kissed glow.

4. Sheer Genius Foundation – “Foundation with an IQ” – NAPOLEON $59: There is not another foundation like this out there! This foundation has a matte finish with a slight sheen on the skin, the coverage is medium to full, very buildable. Hydro-gel technology is the secret to this foundation; it glides on smoothly, dries quickly and leaves only a thin veil of pigment on the skin which provides incredible coverage. This foundation is so light in texture that it comes with a metal ball in the bottle that stirs up the pigments before your application!

5. High Definition Foundation & Concealer Brush  – G20 $49: Best foundation brush ever! The bullet design helps foundation glide smoothly onto the skin, and is able to get into every corner and crevasse of the skin to make sure you have a flawless coverage. This brush is made with synthetic hair, which means you can use this brush for any wet products including your facial creams, primers, foundations and concealers.

6. Marshmallow Foaming Makeup Remover “Chill for a Thrill” – NAPOLEON $25: With every great makeup, you’ll need a great makeup remover to take it off at the end of the day. This easy to use and highly effective makeup remover will take everything off your skin and out of your pores with just a few pumps! This foaming remover when applied to dry skin can remove all your makeup with a simple wipe of a tissue or rinse off with water, follow with your regular favorite facial cleanser.

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